​Transformers and Wound Components

Please find below a sample list of the audio transformers we can produce along with a pricing estimate.

5W Mains Transformer          £22.00-£32.00

5W Output Transformer        £19.00-£30.00

20W Mains Transformer        £25.00-£38.00

20W Output Transformer      £20.00-£33.00

30W Mains Transformer        £31.00-£43.00

30W Output Transformer      £23.00-£38.00

50W Mains Transformer       £33.50-£54.00

50W Output Transformer     £32.50-£50.00

100W Mains Transformer    £42.50-£61.00

100W Output Transformer  £41.50-£59.00

200W Mains Transformer    £52.00-£80.00

200W Output Transformer  £49.00-£72.00

Reverb Transformer             £9.50-£16.00

Choke                                      £12.50-£21.50

Pricing varies depending on the customers individual requirements. Please contact us with your individual requirements and we can then provide you with an accurate price. Above pricing based on 5 off sets ordered, 1 off price will vary.